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Things to Know Before Attempting Mechanized Tank Cleaning

Mechanized tank cleaning provides clean, healthy water. These services include cleaning all water tanks, including storage, underground, overhead, and loft. They were made and built to meet industry standards. Mechanized tank cleaning services are carried out with the help of high-tech tools and equipment, and they can also be changed to fit the needs and wants of each client.

The mechanized tank cleaning process is a safe and scientific way to clean and disinfect storage water tanks. It consists of a six-step cleaning process that uses imported state-of-the-art equipment and safe, effective, and environmentally friendly antibacterial agents. The customer does not have to worry about anything when the staff is fully trained, has access to clean and safe equipment, and keeps detailed service records.

Through research and development, a 6-step process for cleaning tanks has been created that cannot go wrong. It uses the latest, most advanced imported equipment and antibacterial agents that are safe, effective, and good for the environment. Here are some things you need to know before trying mechanized tank cleaning.

Mechanized Dewatering

In the first stage of mechanized dewatering, the utility hole and its surroundings are cleaned of dirt, mud, and algae. After that, the water below the foot valve is pumped out using special dewatering equipment.

Sludge Removal

A special sludge pumping equipment removes the sludge that has settled at the bottom of the tank.

High-Pressure Cleaning

The walls and ceilings of the tanks are cleaned thoroughly with high-pressure jet cleaners. This gets rid of calcinations, algae, and any other contaminants that stick to the inside of the tank and help microbiological contamination grow.

Vacuum Cleaning

An industrial vacuum cleaner is used to get rid of the resulting contaminants. This leaves the tank spotless.

Antibacterial Spray

This is the critical stage of antibacterial treatment, specially made antibacterial agents are used to make the walls and ceilings utterly immune to bacterial attack.

UV Radiation

This is the last thing you should know before attempting mechanized tank cleaning. UV radiation kills any remaining bacteria that are still floating or suspended in the water. With this full process, the tank is 100% free of bacteria and can be used to store clean drinking water. This process is the same for both underground and above-ground water storage tanks and can be used for all kinds of tanks, such as concrete tanks and steel tanks that have been fabricated.

You get to clean your home and office every day, from mopping to dusting, and sometimes you get to do a deep clean of the whole place. However, when it's time to clean the water tank, you start to wonder if there's someone who can do it quickly and professionally. Cleaning your water tank is very important for your health, so you should consider professional mechanized tank cleaning after 6 months. You do not see anything wrong in this case, but you need to clean and disinfect to avoid common problems like ants, rats, cockroaches, etc.

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