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Water Softner Sales & Service

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Water Softener Sales Service

Hard water means there is an excessive amount of metals or minerals like magnesium and calcium in the water bodies. Even though hard water is primarily targeted to be safe to use, it might result in various issues related to efficiency, cleaning and appliance life expectancy. Our team from Mr.Octo is regarded as one of the best water softener companies and will present the best water softening system, to help you fight against hard water!

Why opt for water softening services?

Our water softening services in Delhi will help in treating hard water in your place by removing unwanted magnesium, sediment and calcium from the water. Once these elements are proficiently eliminated, you can use the soft water for many reasons. Want to know more? Let’s find it out.

  • There will be a decreased amount of cleaning agents to be used with soft water. Excess water will then go down the drain and right back into the groundwater of the community.

  • You get the chance to preserve the life of appliances that use water with a water softener for the home in Delhi, like dishwashers, washing machines, and even coffee makers.


  • Get the opportunity to reduce the scale build-up in the pipes. It can lower the energy consumption of the water heater by around 29% because of less build-up. 


  • There won’t be any hard water residue on fabrics and it will help the clothing to last for a longer span of time. This is another reason to get water softeners from our side.


  • With soft water, you get to enjoy brighter and whiter laundry. Moreover, you will need to use 50% less detergent if the water is not hard and full of chemicals.


  • With fewer minerals in your water, you can easily eliminate the spotting on dishes, glassware, and flatware, which is otherwise caused by hard water. 


  • Want to reduce the build-up of films on sinks, tubs, wall tiles and faucets? If so, then we welcome you to come and choose our best water softener system for the rewarding results.

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We will help you to make the right choice:

We are considered to be one of the best water softener companies for good reasons. We have ample options in-store when it comes to water softener. So, making the right choice can be pretty tough for the masses, especially first-timers. But, we have made the task a lot easier. Let us showcase to you the right options to choose from for your use.

  • We would recommend you compare the water softeners, depending on the home water and the water usage of the entire family.

  • Our authorized team members who are associated with the best water softener for homes, will not just diagnose water but will recommend the best option to match your needs.

  • We offer water softeners within single tank cabinet style and in a two-tank system. Depending on the amount of space available for the system and the water hardness, you have to make the right choice.

  • Our professionals will present you with the right advice to help get the best benefits of single versus two-tank systems. It all depends on the water test first!

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Avoid the coloured tanks:

We will further recommend you to keep away from softeners or filters with blue or black coloured tanks. We will not provide you with the same. These colours are the first indication that you are purchasing cheaper aftermarket items.


  • No matter whatever the sales pitch is going to be, these are some of the cheapest options available in the market and you must not head for that.

  • We have the best water softener system options for you with tanks, which are off-white in colour. 

  • We will also ask you to stay away from the equipment that has sleeves or jackets around the outside of the tanks. Some will offer fake chrome jackets around here. But, that’s not the case with us.

We make it a point to check out all the possible water softener options before presenting the best one for your use. Join us at and learn more about our quality items within your pre-set budget plans as always!

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