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Mr.Octo has arrived to change the face of household services by moulding itself into one stop service-offering brand. From cleaning water tanks, to RO service, to water softner service, we do it all. Mr.Octo makes sure the water you are drinking is healthy for you.

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Mechanized Water Tank Cleaning

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Water Softner Sales & Service


RO Sale & Services 


More than merely water filtration:

Well, it might get hard to believe but water filtration is not 100% effective. Our team is here to offer the best mechanized water tank cleaning service so that you end up with pure drinking water in the end. 

  • The water filtration system might not prove to be 100% effective, and that’s why getting hands on the best water tank cleaning services is really important. 

  • We hire well-trained experts to help with the tank cleaning process so that there is no unwanted residue remaining inside it.

Recent surveys have stated that unhealthy drinking water can lead to multiple diseases, some of which can prove to be fatal. So, getting clean drinking water inside your system is the main point to consider. With us and our mechanized water tank cleaning services in Delhi , you can get top-notch results all the way through!

How we work:

Before you jump straight into procuring the best mechanized water tank cleaning service from us, it is always a clever decision to know how we work. Well, the points listed below, will give you a note.

  • We are not going to empty the water tank completely.

  • We are not going to send any human inside the tank for cleaning it up and messing the situation more.

  • With our best water tank cleaning services, there is always going to be minimal wastage of water. It will be around 25 to 30% of the entire capacity of the tank.

  • Our mechanized water tank cleaning process will take us around 25 to 30 minutes for any tank of around 1000 litres. 

  • For bigger tanks of 5000l, it might take closer to an hour to cover the cleaning services.

  • We are thrilled about our non-invasive and hygienic methods, which will clean the tank from its core. 


We are ready to provide you with help straight from our trained operators. They know everything about getting your tanks all cleaned up in a clinical manner. We have the right experience and technicality to ensure that clients are satisfied throughout our services.

Specially designed machines are used:


There are specially designed machines available from our side, used for removing mud dirt and slit from tanks. It will leave most of the water inside. We will put in a pipe with a brush on one end. It helps in cleaning the interior of the tank proficiently.


So, next time you are looking for the best mechanized water tank cleaning, we welcome you to come and give us at a try! We will check out the current condition of the tanks first and then present the right response all the way through!

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